Secrets most photographers don't share     Even if you already have your photographer 

Tip 1


Ok maybe you won't completely ignore them, but the majority of your photos and video should be about you two. 

Unless you're a professional model ,  constantly interacting with the camera will cause you to seem stiff.

When you look at your wedding and engagement photos and video later on down the line, you'll want to remember how you felt that day, not how you were posed. 

Being more involved in spending a great time with your fiancee or spouse than worrying about how you look or feel will result in better photos.

Try This: Focus more on your significant other during a photo shoot. Laugh with them, be lost in the moment with them, and do you best to let everything else fade away.

Tip 2


We all want to highlight our best features. The best way to do this is to bring any part of your body that you love, closer to the camera.

Love your eyes?

Lean your head slightly towards the camera and tilt you chin slightly down to cause you eyes to open more.

Love your hair? 

Make sure it's blown-out or nicely styled and stays more in front of your shoulder than behind.

Love your shoulders? 

Don't be afraid to throw a little sass at the camera and do some cute over-the-shoulder poses!

Want to show off your waist line?

Make sure the your hands aren't ever flat by your sides. Bring your arms and elbows ever so slightly away from your waist line so the camera can clearly see it.

Tip 3


This tip is exactly the opposite as the previous. Any parts that you're not too fond of, or want to appear slimmer, move them away from the camera. Objects that are farther away from the camera are perceived smaller than they are.

Want slimmer arms?

Be sure to always have a slight bend in your elbows and bring your elbow more towards the back rather than out to the side.

Not a fan of your hips?

Just stand slightly sideways instead of dead-on to the camera and lean on your back leg (causing the one closest to the camera to bend). Not only will this make your hips appear smaller, but you'll love the sexy curve it'll give to your whole body.

Tip 4


This may be one of the biggest mistakes I see people make in wedding and engagement pictures. So many people want to avoid having a double-chin so they pick their chin up. All that does is show the camera more of the neck you're trying to hide. Occasionally, people will do the opposite and tilt their chin down. Unfortunately, this can emphasize any extra neck skin that we're trying to disguise.

Try This: 

Think like a turtle and pop your head out of it's shell. Try to create as much space as possible between the front of your shoulders and the back of your jaw, almost like a chicken does during his cluck-cluck head bob. Bringing your face closer to the camera while keeping your body and shoulders where they are may feel completely weird, but it'll make you look amazing!

Just in case your wondering I am not vocalising any of this at your wedding in fact I am the opposite after all its about telling your real story but all of these points will help you look amazing.A pre wedding shoot and getting to know your photographer will enable him to share this info and you share your concerns 

 Tip 5 


Hello! I'm Mike Bell - the one writing this for you. :-)

You may not have thought about this before, but your photographer is one of the vendors that you spend the most time with before, during and after your wedding. Not only do you have to trust them with your precious wedding memories and knowing all of the above secrets to making you look amazing.Imagine (or actually do!) going out for coffee or a drink with your photographer . Does he or she seem like a person that can handle stressful situations with ease and grace? If so, then you've struck gold!


 Your wedding day will go very quickly. The ceremony, dancing, music, speeches and the cutting of the cake can appear to pass in a matter of moments. Your wedding photographs on the other hand, capture your happiness forever and will exist for generations to come.

When planning your  Wedding photography, here are some tips to ensure that you capture the most beautiful memories of your day.

Choose a Photographer Early

Start researching photographers around 18 mths or more before the wedding.After the Venue should be the next person you lock in if your doing your own planning. He can help recommend Celebrants , Music and more.

Find the photographer that suits your style and check out the photography.

Meet your photographer face to face before the wedding. 

View his work and albums, online testimonials  and have the photographer show his printed work and how he delivers. Ask to see a full wedding from a recent shoot not just their featured images .

Lock in the date with your photographer and confirm it.

Check references 

Ask to speak to one of the highlighted referrals on their website via email or phone call

Have a realistic schedule 

Bear in mind that everything takes longer at a wedding. Look for photographer that doesn’t have a set time limit on his wedding packages  and perhaps the one that can shoot your dress, shoes, jewellery the day or night before to minimise the impact of the wedding schedule. Ideally he will be able to offer Videography options or has a good working relationship with a Videographer

When you find your photographer be guided by them  & seek there advice & input 

A great wedding photographer is an essential part of your wedding planning. 

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Capturing your love story 

The convenience of having  a good camera with us at all times truly has changed how we capture the story of our lives. There are moments when handing off your phone to a friend, or taking a selfie will do.
But there are other moments when it's best to hire a professional.
Weddings are our speciality we love working with our clients to beautifully capture the milestones in their life and to create artwork for their home to showcase these moments for years to come.
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